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1.Platform Introduction:

We are a gaming company operating on a shared platform. The company allocates 90% of each recharge amount as commission to distribution channels. We strive to provide an opportunity for those who are entrepreneurial and actively seeking to earn money, creating a platform for passive income in the simplest way possible. To enhance mutual trust, all earnings are disbursed the next day, with zero risk involved. With just a smartphone and internet access, you can earn money. We believe you are the distributor we are looking for. Don't hesitate—take action now and earn money on the platform every day, improving your quality of life.

2.Product or Service Introduction:

● Earn 30% of the recharge amount (300000 VND) by referring one downline, receiving 90000 VND.

● Ensure a monthly earning of 8100000 VND by having three downlines recharge daily.

● Through a seven-tier distribution system, 90% of downline recharge amounts are returned to distribution channels. As long as you have a few downlines recharging, they will automatically help you earn money, and you only need to check your income and make withdrawals daily. The table below illustrates profit distribution when a member recharges 300000 VND.

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A. Every member has an upline, including yourself. When you refer a downline to recharge, you earn 30% (1st tier), and your upline earns 15% (2nd tier)

B. Conversely, when your downline refers someone to recharge, they earn 30%, and you earn 15%, and so forth. With the organization of your downline actively promoting, many people will help you earn money every day.

3.Advantages for Distributors:

● Our distribution channel commission ranges from 30% to 90%, higher than most other brands (10%~30%).

● Enjoy passive income every day.

● Access real-time accurate financial reports to understand the operating models at each tier.

● Daily withdrawal of distributor commissions without any risk.

4.Collaboration Conditions:

● Start your distribution business as long as you are a formal member (level 5), without any additional financial requirements.

● Individuals with a large social media following and high traffic are particularly suitable as distributors.

5.Marketing Support:

● Distributors only need to introduce friends to register, and online customer service will guide them through the recharge process.

● Access 24/7 online customer service for assistance with all inquiries.

● The company organizes various promotional events to facilitate member promotion, with all expenses covered by the company, and commissions are not deducted based on a percentage.

● Currently, the company absorbs the 6% handling fee for withdrawal amounts.

6.Collaboration Process:

● Each distributor has an exclusive promotion code and QR code, which can be found in point 7 of the distribution center.

● Combine this promotion code with promotional copy and share it on all social media platforms you own, as shown in the table below:

WhatsApp Influencer Blogger FB Group Facebook
YOUTUBE Instagram Telegram Web Group Zalo
Twitter Messenger Dcard WeChat Line
TikTok LinkedIn VK Discord Pinterest
OK Zhihu Tumblr PPGames Snapchat

Customer leads plan to AFFILIATE

1, All affiliates can download customer leads at the backend once become the affiliates of GR.

2, Affiliate is required to make the phone calls to customers and to fill up the sales report online at the same day downloading the leads. GR will review the sales report regularly.

3, Affiliate can download 30 customer leads daily and accumulated to 200 leads.

After calling and sales report, if affiliate will not follow the customers, he can release the customers and to download more customer leads to make up to 200.

4, Due to the cost to acquire the customer leads, if affiliate does not complete the sales report up to 60% of the customer leads at that same downloading day, GR will no more supply the customer leads and take back all leads from affiliate.


Contact status ID Username Phone Created time Login time Number of games in the month Cash Number of interviews Interview record
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Deposited Lead in 30 days:
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Search date range : {{agentReportData.dateStart}}~{{agentReportData.dateEnd}}

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Member Count Sharing% 總儲值量 總儲值獎金
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Memner Numer Memner Account 儲值量 儲值獎金
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Member Profile



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Withdrawal times

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Total WinLose

Number of effective friends

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● The company provides promotional text and images to be placed in promotional copy.

● You can download and repost them on various social media platforms for advertising, ensuring to change the promotion code to your own.

[Teaching starts]

Step 1: Know the promotion code

The role of the promotion code: As long as members click on your advertising link, they can register. After the registration is completed, they will become your downline.

Your unique QR code

Step 2: Send your promotion code to FB with one click diffusion promotion mechanism to help you promote

Step 3: Sample Promotional Copy

Sample copy

Step 4: Open a Telegram Account

Search date range : ~

Level Downline member Downline recharge times Downline deposit value bonus ratio Minimum of downline deposit Allocated bonus Withdraw Latest Withdrawal Date Current people in total Unclaimed Latest amount received
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※The daily bonus report update time is on everyday 12:15:00PM.

※The settlement bonus time is from 12:00:00 every day to 11:59:59 the next day. The bonus time is 12:10:00 every day to claim the bonus at the bonus center.
※Note that each level needs to meet the receiving conditions. For example, if the number of recharges on the second level is less than 3 people, but if the number of people on the third level reaches 9, you will not be able to receive the bonus on the third level


1, betting volume is effective on member's first deposit, and is calculated monthly in VND

2, affiliate will pay 7.5% financial fee when withdrawing the commission.

Purpose: To create the opportunities for agents who would like to cooperate with Long Rui International Company. VIP agents of Long Rui international would get benefit from this cooperation.

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